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CuriosityStream -Launching 21 November on channel 185

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Launching 21 November on DStv Premium and DStv Compact Plus channel 185, CuriosityStream is the award-winning global media company that delivers a world of factual entertainment in one place, empowering viewers of all ages to fuel their passions and explore new ones. Launched by John Hendricks, founder and media visionary of Discovery Communications, CuriosityStream aggregates and delivers content across the full category of factual entertainment; namely science, history, technology, nature, society, and lifestyle.

We know our customers enjoy immersing themselves into factual content that is both informative and entertaining - and CuriosityStream offers exactly that. Covering every topic from space, art, volcanoes, history, travel, cars, architecture, dinosaurs and so much more, CuriosityStream is the channel millions of our DStv customers have been waiting for.

Viewing that enlightens and entertains

Show your not-so-inner nerd some love by bingeing CuriosityStream content anytime, anywhere on the DStv Now app. Or, make the most of the festive season and sink deeper into the world of “geekumentaries” via DStv Catch Up in December 2019.

To get you started, we’ve identified five great shows to check out on CuriosityStream:



Learn more about the innovations that revolutionised the world and allowed faster, more accurate oceanic travel in this exclusive CuriosityStream original on Saturdays at 21:00.



2. The Secret Life of Big Cats

Big cat populations are shrinking fast, but now we have the means to study them in more detail than ever. Learn more in this exciting CuriosityStream original Wednesdays at 20:00.


3. The History of Food

In this original docuseries, Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks offers a deep-dive into the science, history and cultural impact of food throughout time.



4. Bright Now

Bright Now offers timely and intriguing short stories about science and technology, history, global issues and the personalities at the centre of it all. Catch it every Monday at 20:00.



5. Breakthrough

Take a deeper look at some of the recent developments in physics, astronomy and other sciences in Breakthrough, Mondays at 21:00.



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