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Ray Donovan S6 - Starts on Wednesday 21 August on M-Net City (115) at 21:40

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Don’t miss the two-part season six premiere of the Golden Globe-nominated drama. Our favourite fixer discovers that he’ll need more than just a change of scenery if he wants to truly change his ways. He also discovers that cops in the Big Apple will save your life, with or without your co-operation. Starring Liev Schreiber and Susan Sarandon.



Missed it on Showmax, so recordings will be set for this season. Just wondering what this dysfunctional family will bring this season. As each character brings a unique twist to each storyline....

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If you thinking of letting go of the series than you wont regret it I reckon. The end is nigh for this series.


Let go, not a chance *hides*. So looking forward to this season @Shysta. Will make my decision at a later stage Smiley Happy.

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You @Grace_DStv1 are going to love it I'd say. Real jump the shark stuff in store. 

Unfortunately it looks like it has been replaced by Game of Thrones .

Lasted all of 3 weeks before GOT replaced itCat Frustrated