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Westworld Season 2 is here!

Community Manager

Westworld Season 2 is starting on Monday 23 April at 22h00 on M-Net (DStv 101) or watch it online on DStv Now: https://goo.gl/w9v8rD


Please note this video contains spoilers as it is here to help you get a refresher on where your favourite characters were at the end of the first season before you start Season 2.


Also it's not too late, if you want a proper refresher, or just want to watch it again, binge Season 1 on Showmax here: https://goo.gl/TeK9fA


Here's the fastest recap of HBO's Westworld Season 1 that we could manage. Helping you know exactly where the characters were and briefly explaining the end.


That was some pretty fast talking there Smiley Very Happy


Nice, was wondering when it would start again, glad we're getting it promptly Robot Happy


Shame that the first episode of the second season was mutilated by too many ads!