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BoxOffice 101


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Thank you for this post.


Re: BoxOffice 101


--Explora 1 & 2a--

Re: BoxOffice 101

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 up to 15 titles from the latest blockbusters to some classic favorites, it’s easy to beat the boredom when it strikes.


@BusiN_DStv1 can you please fix the underlined part. Thanks  




--Explora 1 & 2a--
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BoxOffice 101



Let us show you how easy it is to enjoy the best blockbuster movies with BoxOffice.

Mad about movies? A bit of a film fanatic? Don’t worry, we understand because we are too! Nothing beats curling up on the couch after a long day with a good movie. BoxOffice makes me-time easier with the latest releases and classic titles to enjoy.

BoxOffice lets you enjoy movies from the comfort of the couch or cozy in bed, let’s show you how.

DStv Explora and PVR decoders

By pressing the green BOXOFFICE button on your decoder remote, you can see what the latest movie rentals are on BoxOffice. With up to 15 titles from the latest blockbusters to some classic favourites, it’s easy to beat the boredom when it strikes.

New to BoxOffice? SMS your smartcard number to 37569 and we'll open a BoxOffice Account for you. You can have up to four cell phone numbers linked for use with BoxOffice which can be done via the BoxOffice website.

Always make sure we have your latest contact details to ensure an easy process when renting.


All DStv customers and non-customers can enjoy BoxOffice online. With all the latest movies and a wider selection of classic movies to enjoy, it’s easy to rent and stream on your desktop PC – plus you have access to the entire BoxOffice movie catalog.

How to rent

Renting your movie is quick and easy – you’ll just have to worry about the popcorn and snacks!

On your decoder:

- press the green BOXOFFICE button,

- select the movie of your choice,

- press OK to rent the movie,

- accept the terms and conditions,

- select a payment option,

- SMS the on-screen rental code (with or without the spaces) to 37569, OR

- Visit bo.dstv.com, enter your rental code and cell phone number,

- You will receive an SMS confirming the rental has been successful,

- Get the snacks ready for the movie!

Want an even easier way to rent a movie? Let us show you how to use Facebook messenger to get renting today!


Choose the movie you’d like to rent from the online BoxOffice catalog. Click the “Rent” button and select the payment method that suits you. Once your payment has been confirmed, the movie will begin streaming via your browser window.

Payment options

On your decoderyou can pay via your BoxOffice account or credit card. Your BoxOffice account acts as a wallet that you can top-up using any normal payment method. Alternatively, if you pay your DStv account by debit order it will be added to your debit order account and deducted in your next scheduled payment.  Lastly, you can pay by credit card.

Online payment is easy too. You can make payments with your DStv account via debit order. Not a DStv customer? You can make payment with your credit card, PayU, EFT and through a voucher – quick and easy! Simply navigate to ‘manage your account’ and choose the option to top-up your account.

Whether you’re renting on your DStv Explora or online, we’ve got you covered with movies 24/7! Need more help? View our BoxOffice FAQs