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101 - Manifest - missing CU folder


Re: 101 - Manifest - missing CU folder

It gives the same date, when using the i-Plate on the video.

But note that this is an episode file , not like the old now-expired announcement file which was giving problems.




Please also note that I no longer watch this series, so can't assist further.

(Based on last night's episode we feel it's become another of those series that never give answers, just string you along...)

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: 101 - Manifest - missing CU folder

On CU the exp date is 18/02
On the video version of the notice when downloaded, what date does it give you from your end?


Re: 101 - Manifest - missing CU folder

  • The folder and its notice are back
  • My "You're Watching" CU section remembered it and so put its folder back there
  • It took 2 weeks to get this fix done X
  • The new expiry date is still too early (except when the video version of the notice is downloaded) X

101 - Manifest - missing CU folder

Manifest is on a few weeks break, and its CU folder had a notice to that effect. But it disappeared on Monday, presumably due to the message having too early an expiry date. So now people will be wondering why that series has "disappeared"......