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CU Inconsistencies

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: CU Inconsistencies

My futher thoughts on this and other things, https://community.dstv.com/t5/Guidelines/Very-disillusioned/m-p/404#M163.


Doin' it 4 Tv

CU Inconsistencies


Hi @MadCat we've recieved feedback from the team regarding Sleepy Hollow season 4:

Sleepy Hollow was removed from the Explora. It's now scheduled for SD and HD PVR decoders. It's also available on a connected Explora and on the DStv Now app. 

This is completely unacceptable. MC can't just change it's mind on whim. The first 2 episodes were loaded, I fully expect the rest of the series. Just because Explora has connectivity capability, I now have to be punished? No, I refuse to accept this! I'm still getting other random things loaded on my CU, but a series started on CU, is now being pulled.


We have series with limited (or in some cases, no) repeats that are overlapping with new series on other channels because of limited space and they are being pulled from CU???


Very angry - MC, make a plan!

 Following the above post elsewhere, which received no response, herewith further from me:


I find it very frustrating and extremely bad planning on the part of MC when it comes to CU. The first 2 episodes of Sleepy Hollow were loaded on CU Explora and the nothing further. From MCs reply, it seems that because I have an Explora, I'm being punished for not being connected.


Then yesterday I find ep 1 of the new season of The Arrangement on CU. Very interesting, considering that season 1 which was broadcast on 101 (season 2 is on 116), was NOT on CU. What is the thought process here?


I really don't understand, and I'm very unhappy with the service being delivered.