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CU+ http 504 error


Re: CU+ http 504 error

@andrewgerm - are you still getting the error? And was the download in HD or SD? 

CU+ http 504 error

Good day all

First post on the new forum

I've been trying to download The Orville (first 3 eps are up)

At first. all three failed, when trying overnight. And these are not available via the DStv Now app.

So, managed to get ep 1 down. Ep 2 has now failed 2 or 3 times with an HTTP 504 error.


I've rebooted the decoder, I've rebooted the router. I've tried again. I've run connectivity checker (even though I could still stream or download other series). I also searched this forum, and Google, for the error, and nothing.


Any other solutions welcome.

MC, please advise?