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CU online buffering - Upgrade plans

Red Carpet

Re: CU online buffering - Upgrade plans

Suggest you include in these tests, requests for ping and trace route results for the individual line connections. That will eliminate any possible suggestion a that it is a customer specific issue.

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Re: CU online buffering - Upgrade plans

Thanks for the reply Grace but I more wanted to know about the overall system you use and whether it's ever getting an overhaul or if MC is going to just keep patching it up? The streaming issues from 3 years ago are still popping up these days where I've never had a streaming issue with Netflix or YouTube. 


But anyways, here's answers to your questions though as I'm doing it via my laptop, are ping and tracert correct?:

- Issue is via web streaming.

- I only watch between 08:00-10:00.

- Afrihost ISP, 8mbps unshapped adsl line.

- Ping on explora.dstvcdn.com:

C:\Users\User>ping explora.dstvcdn.com

Pinging d93iqhdba7sql.cloudfront.net [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=27ms TTL=246
Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=246
Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=246
Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=246

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 26ms, Maximum = 27ms, Average = 26ms

- Tracert on explora.dstvcdn.com:

C:\Users\User>tracert explora.dstvcdn.com

Tracing route to d93iqhdba7sql.cloudfront.net []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 2 ms 1 ms 3 ms
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 * 28 ms 25 ms cpt-up1.ip.adsl.co.za []
4 30 ms 25 ms 27 ms 169-1-21-66.ip.afrihost.co.za []
5 26 ms 26 ms 26 ms cpt-net1.ip.adsl.co.za []
6 26 ms 26 ms 25 ms 196-10-140-105.ixp.capetown []
7 52 ms 53 ms 61 ms
8 86 ms 89 ms 86 ms
9 26 ms 26 ms 26 ms
10 * * * Request timed out.
11 * * * Request timed out.
12 * * * Request timed out.
13 77 ms 75 ms 75 ms

Trace complete.

- test.bin doesn't download at all.

| Windows 10 - Chrome Browser | Afrihost 20Mbps Capped ADSL | Explora |


Re: CU online buffering - Upgrade plans

test.bin Failed - Server problem



update 12:21

Started, got up to 5Mbps at one point, ran for about 2 min, fluctuating between 400Kb and 3Mbps. Then... dead...nothing...nada
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and Cat6 | 200/100 Fibre (OpenServe/Afrihost Premium UnCapped) | HD 5S in holiday mode

Re: CU online buffering - Upgrade plans

@Uel_M - the teams involved have been working on resolving this issue. As you might know, tests need to be conducted in order to find out where the issue lies. For now, we need to get more info on your buffering issue for the support team to help. 

- Is this issue via your Explora or web streaming?

- If so, how the is Explora is connected?

- Does this normally occur always or in peak times only?

- Which ISP are you with?

- ping explora.dstvcdn.com

- Do traceroutes to explora.dstvcdn.com

- Try and download http://explora.dstvcdn.com/test.bin and look at what the speeds look like. a 10M line should give between 900 - 1000 KB/s - This should be more than enough to watch a HD movie via the Explora without interruptions. (Dont download the entire file) its 10G.

- Depending on your ISP, we can add manual host entries for explora.dstvcdn.com to test with etc.


CU online buffering - Upgrade plans

Hi there,


I'm on an 8mbps unshaped ADSL line and I stream on a laptop through Chrome. Since MC first started offering streaming there's been buffering issues. Countless posts on the old forum and this forum covered streaming issues for years.


This morning, trying to a watch a movie it stopped to buffer about 30 times in an hour (I then gave up and switched to Netflix). Speed Test results: 25ms ping, 7.1mbps download, 0,9mbps upload.


So my question is... does MC have any big overhauls coming that will totally change the infrastructure, tech, platform, delivery method, anything to solve the issue? 


Many thanks.

| Windows 10 - Chrome Browser | Afrihost 20Mbps Capped ADSL | Explora |

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