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Catch Up problems


Re: Catch Up problems

My “show” option is blanked out and cannot be selected


Re: Catch Up problems

Hi, I’ve tried your advice above but when I push the options button the show option is blacked out.... I have no series episodes at all they all say box set 


Re: Catch Up problems

Hi Geoffth - go to CU, scroll to series and press the "options" button - scroll to show and change it to "ready to watch". Then check if you're normal CU is loading. 



Re: Catch Up problems

Join the rest of us.


Jeez DSTV know how to right royally f*** CU up.


I am so the hell in.  Words cannot describe how I feel about this incompetent bunch that say they actually "work" there.

New poster

Catch Up problems

My catch up has only got the option of internet downloads. The normal catch up is missing.

What is happening?