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Few new shows added to CU (Compact)


Re: Few new shows added to CU (Compact)

@Revorushin  , can you confirm that your package has Catch Up Plus (CU+) as well as ordinary CU now, or was that a typo?


If correct, I presume that standard Compact also got it now.


Re: Few new shows added to CU (Compact)

The same can go for a lot of content. 


I'm on Compact Plus and Catch Up Plus never has sports content that should be accessible on my bouquet, which should be quite a lot of content. What makes it worse is that DStv's twitter accounts will promote these shows and when I follow the links the content is notaccessible


Few new shows added to CU (Compact)

I don't know how those of you on CU+ is experiencing things but on CU there is very little being added, specifically speaking the overseas content.   I remember when the Explora 2 came out and the disc space was halved, MC gave the excuse that everybody is using Catch UP and 2 gig drive wasn't needed.  Time has passed more channels are on HD so less recording space and there is less on CU as well.  We still very reliant on our disk drives.


For the first time in I don't know how many months Universal 117 has 2 shows on CU. The joke is everytime I hear an ad on 117 for a show they are promoting CU as a viewing source option, but for months there was nothing to watch on 117.  I know 117 doesn't get a lot of new viewing but there is always a new show or season here and there on the schedules.


From about December last year, movies and 115 has being having less and less programing on CU.  I was having problems with my system at that time so I thought that was to blame but once everything was sorted out this didn't change.  There used to be a huge list for 115 now seems to be a cap of about 8 shows on 115 and only this month did a couple of new shows appear.  (I'm not counting Taken that had 4 episodes uploaded for a week and Lethal Weapon which has 2 new episodes for also short period of time as I don't feel that this is a reasonable time frame to watch shows.)  Why isn't Riverdale, Siren, the Chicago series, Salvation and others not on CU?


I suspect this reduction in quality of service is an attempt to get us onto Premium or Showmax.  It isn't going to work, at least with this household as we are fully aware of how DStv works and wouldn't pay a cent more (as it is I'm begrudging what we are paying for this bad service)