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DSTV Now Android TV Version (missing genre's)


Re: DSTV Now Android TV Version (missing genre's)

I have the same question - where are the missing options in catchup.  Please can someone advise as it is really annoying to be so restricted:  only options are TV shows, All, Newest.  On my laptop, I have the following options:  featured, tv shows, movies, kids and sports.

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DSTV Now Android TV Version (missing genre's)

Hi ,


Can someone tell me hy the android tv version of DSTV Now does not have the spot Genre in the catchup section ? . I see it's there on the samsung tv apps etc and on my phone , but the android tv app version on my Mi Box 3 does not ahve the genre ? so I cant even see any sport catchup videos , if I search for cricket as an example I might get 1 or 2 vids