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DSTV Now threads all over the Community


Re: DSTV Now threads all over the Community

@Julia_DStv1  , @Grace_DStv1  , @Thoko_DStv1  and other Mods - please always pass on this kind of information from @GeoffD  to BTD, as he is very knowledgeable about these things from his lifelong senior professional involvements and the related people he knows.

It can only be useful, thanks.

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Re: DSTV Now threads all over the Community

Long overdue for MC to realise that THEY ate responsible for this problem in the first place. IPNadresses are DYNAMIC! You CANNOT use IP addresses the way you are using them for service authentication in SA be cause every ISP is no longer allowing static addresses. Every 24 hours a new IP address is allocated to all services, even to those where a session has not been shut down.

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Re: DSTV Now threads all over the Community

@Optimist, we're on it. 


Re: DSTV Now threads all over the Community

The Mod who I've seen does know how to move threads is @TebogoM_DStv1  but even that Mod stopped moving them!


@Grace_DStv1  , since you are the Mod who does the best job IMO, please could you at least see to it that all are taught how to move threads.


But I'm tired of the lack of effort from most here, so please don't involve me further.


DSTV Now threads all over the Community

@BusiN_DStv1 - Can we please have something done about the DSTV Now threads popping up all over the Community? These are almost exclusively related to the device registration/de-registration issue (I can't believe another work-around has still not been found!) and it is seriously diluting the value of the other sections. They are even posted in the About The Community/Guidelines section!


Firstly, mods need to MOVE all such threads to the DSTV Now section as soon as they appear - possibly even with a note that it was posted in the wrong thread and secondly, maybe some name changes should be considered in the Technical sub-sections - maybe rather call them Decoder Installation, Decoder Error Codes, Decoder Technical Info?


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