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Device Registration not working?

New poster

Re: Device Registration not working?

Hi there 

Please assist me as well cause i want to use my new phone but have the same problem

New poster


Hello, Please i am facing challenges registering on my new device. The error message i received is that the device is currently registered to another user.

kindly assist to remove my device so as to use it with another credentials. 


username: abiodun25@yahoo.com

Device ID: dd4eec22-d48c-3e1a-9b9f-9cabeaa701ce


I will appreciate your quick response.


Thank you.

Community Manager

Re: Device Registration not working?

Hi @mjordaan, apologies for the delayed response. 


Are you still experiencing this problem? If you are, please let us know if you're getting an error message when trying to register the device. 



New poster

Device Registration not working?



Sorry if a bit late to the thread - 


I have a NVIDIA Shield TV box. I started the DSTV now app and i was sent to now.dstv.com/tv to get a 5 alphanumeric code. I added this to the app and it seemed fine. 


When I try and watch anything on this, I get video authorisation error. When I go to devices, I can see listed 2 devices - my ipad and Nvida Shield. On the shield though, I see the 'Register Device' option - one i click on it though, it dont seem to actually register it. Is there another way to do this? 


My device id is: "9fe250c1-80e0-3aea-8dff-39fe3f5fac52"