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Device not Google Play Certified


Re: Device not Google Play Certified

If the device was Google certified before there might be a glitch and could be sorted easily.


If it wasn't Google certified (only they can do it). Then it might not work again, depending on DStv's rule of certification



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Device not Google Play Certified

I have a Tanix TX6 that had DSTV on it pre installed and when it started acting weird I reset it to factory settings, and now the DSTV Now App says it cannot play because the devive is not Google Play Certified. I have gone to try register it on the Android certify site but this doesn't help.


Is there any way somebody from DSTV can authorize the device or something because it worked corretly before?


The device ID is b8e425dd-99a4-3660-81c8-74cd735c55a0




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