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Mi Box 3 and DSTV Now


Re: Mi Box 3 and DSTV Now

I have the same issue. It gives me a Video Authorisation Error. I cant seem to get DSTV now to work on the MiBox.

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Re: Mi Box 3 and DSTV Now

Yeah I can confirm , press down highlighting recently watched and then press "OK" and the rest of the channel options become available. @Terminator1  can you confirm that the sport genre in the catchup section is also missing ? . I dont know if I'm just stupid but for some reason there are no sport catchup section on dstvnow app for android tv or its a mi box 3 specific issue which I highly doubt

Re: Mi Box 3 and DSTV Now

It's the way the app works. I have the same box and struggled with the same issue....it's just how the app looks/works on Android TV...I don't use the box that must for DSTV Now, but either when opening the app you must use the down arrow to access the rest of the info or press the enter button when the highlighted area is at the top....I will check and come back to you if you don't come right


Mi Box 3 and DSTV Now

Hi there,


I have recently bought a Mi Box 3 because I had read that it is fully compatible with DSTV Now. However, when opening the DSTV Now app (having run all necessary updates), it only shows Live TV for channels that I have recently watched. In other words, I cannot get access to Live TV for more than 5 channels (plus there appears to be no TV guide). 


Is there something that I'm missing?