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PS4 support?!


Re: PS4 support?!

couldn't agree more!



Re: PS4 support?!

Can you read?


The question was: "Why is this and when will it be available on PS4 as well?"  Read the first post.


Seems like asking a question here is like talking to a wall.


Re: PS4 support?!

H sevenr. DStv Now is not available on the PS4. 


Re: PS4 support?!

I see you've been a member for a while @sevenr  , so am surprised you don't know how much poorer things are here than they were on the old forum.


No longer an official customer touchpoint.

Only attended by help centre type staff, the true managers who used to run things aren't allowed here anymore.

The new forum "managers" are just supervisors on the whole as far as we can tell.

Little motivation seen from many of the MC people, and no real correction efforts from management if approached.

Staff keeps changing and we "have to train them" all over again.


A few do a good job, and consult management as they're suppose to when needed.


So good luck.


Re: PS4 support?!

Surely someone can at least reply to this question.




PS4 support?!

Hi, I see the XBOX One has the DStv now app available but there is nothing for the PS4? Why is this and when will it be available on PS4 as well?