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Simultaneous Streams??????


Re: Simultaneous Streams??????

@Kombat1978, You can register a maximum of four. A maximum of two simultaneous viewing streams across your registered devices is permitted. This means that you can either: be streaming two live TV channels OR stream two Catch Up videos OR stream one live TV channel and one Catch Up video.


Re: Simultaneous Streams??????

Should be 2 per subscription, how would MC justify doing otherwise... however keep an eye on your thread in case the Mods somehow have opposite info.

Unfortunately they can take days or weeks to answer though (some of them try hard but don't usually have the power to push things themselves).


EDIT: Confirming on their "other" social media platforms may be best. (Somehow they don't consider this forum part of that, officially it's not a customer touchpoint.)

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Simultaneous Streams??????

Sup peeps,


So we are planning on streaming dstv to TV's in a office. Currently we have 4 subscriptions under the directors name. How many live streams can we do? Is it 2 per account or 2 per subcription?


Thank you in advance.