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101 - New Year EPG trouble?

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: 101 - New Year EPG trouble?

@Optimist I did pick this up as well from my end but have alerted the EPG team but yet to receive a breakdown of their findings on whether this was an isolated error or spread across. 

Red Carpet

Re: 101 - New Year EPG trouble?

Glad it is someone else's turn to have EPG bugs ..... those of us on lower packages have had enough of these for the past two weeks. ... No, don't think it is a date bug, just normal EPG team incompetence.

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101 - New Year EPG trouble?

I'm recording the movie "On The Edge" tomorrow morning (Tuesday for us, still Monday for the M-Net teamRoll Eyes (Sarcastic).jpg) @  02:40 on 101, but it doesn't have a synopsis now.

The premiere of it last night (Sunday) did have one.


Just concerned that this could be a date related bug, instead of an oversight which seems unlikely...