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101 Trial & Error 1 December

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: 101 Trial & Error 1 December

Yes it does look like some late fiddling with the EPG is going on again. On my Monday scheduled recordings with 3 consequential recordings on 101 only the middle one recorded. The first one Deception and the last one Condor both failed showings the canceled due to conflict error message. I also checked for conflict earlier and noticed during the recording of Manifest the  then conflict with Condor. With my safety net setting on 1+1 that should not happen. I managed to take a screen shot of the EPG when I noticed the error.

EPG Error.jpg

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Re: 101 Trial & Error 1 December

@MadCat - let's see if we can info on the show's repeat, we'll revert back with an update.


101 Trial & Error 1 December

So there must have been late night EPG changes on 101 last night as all recordings were good to go at about 7pm, but this morning Trial & Error ep 2 is failed, "cancelled due to conflict".


Not expecting MC to be sympathetic and provide a solution to a missed episode with no repeats. Please advise when this series is being repeated, I assume on 116?