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115: Game of Thrones?????

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: 115: Game of Thrones?????

MC, awaiting urgent feedack.

Red Carpet

Re: 115: Game of Thrones?????

This is truly shocking scheduling and a sure way to %^&$ off Compact subscribers - the one subscriber area that is (probably now WAS) still showing growth!


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Re: 115: Game of Thrones?????

It doesn't look like a mistake and it is the sort of thing that dstv would do. 15 episodes a week!!! How in the world does dstv think one could keep on top of that sort of recording? And no repeats one power failure and you may as well delete it all. It is completely unfair for anybody who hasn't had the chance to see a new show and would like to give it a chance. I absolutely loath even double viewing of a show. You can't keep up with it and if you decide you don't want to watch it after all, you've wasted all that recording time.; And don't even bother with catchup if there is more than one episode a week shown of a series. Dstv must stop treating Mnet City (compact package) as a bing/repeat channel. We are a separate group of consumers to premium. We want to watch new shows once a week, so we actually can watch the shows properly.

Re: 115: Game of Thrones?????

YES definitely has to be a mistake 

Doin' it 4 Tv

115: Game of Thrones?????

MC, please explain what is going on?? EPG was updated overnight to reflect triple episodes of Game of Thrones every night next week. I HAVE to assume this is a mistake.


If it's not an error, I seriously have to question the planning. Firstly not only does this mean a loss of repeats - do I really have to explain AGAIN the importance of these. But, mostly importantly, Ray Donavan, which has barely started, has disappeared completely.


Really???!!??  Please urgently correct.