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136 Discovery Family EPG problem


Re: 136 Discovery Family EPG problem

Maybe he makes customers' clothes disappearStick Out Toungue.jpg


Or maybe it's just a st00pid industry far too often...

Red Carpet

Re: 136 Discovery Family EPG problem

I'm guessing for some reason they are not showing us some episodes - like 9 & 11 due to content and time being broadcast or something ridiculous like that. And instead of just skipping those episode and carrying on with the next one, they choose to repeat an old episode on the weeks those episode fall. Totally crazy and stupid and an explanation would REALLY be nice - but I suspect zero chance of getting one - or even a reply.


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Re: 136 Discovery Family EPG problem

This behaviour is now repeating;

As mentioned above, last night's episode was S05E10.

Next week's premiere slot is scheduled for S05E03 (no idea what happened to E02 repeating).

The week after is S05E12.


This update is more for others watching it.

An answer would be interesting, but the order isn't important. Maybe the channel should just be reminded that modern decoders' SBR's (Series Based Recordings) settings expire after 3 months.


The season (and probably the series to date) should finish soon, and if the unusual cycle continues or not, I'll not be too bothered. So again, TIA.


Re: 136 Discovery Family EPG problem

The slot is indeed showing episode 1, so some strange channel decision.

When E09 does arrive I guess the SBR will just handle it, if it ever does. Too tired of TV land craziness to care, but TIA if there's anything else.


Re: 136 Discovery Family EPG problem

Now into the fourth day since I reported it.

Feedback takes too long on this new forum. Thanks anyway, will manage with a manual recording.


Re: 136 Discovery Family EPG problem

@Optimist - Checking with EPG, we'll revert back with an update once received. 


136 Discovery Family EPG problem

Normally on channel 136 on Fridays @ 19:20 - it's the premiere of the latest episodes of The Carbonaro Effect.


This Friday past, the 7th - S05E08 (confirmed - still have recording)

* Fault - This coming Friday, the 14th - S05E01 (incorrect, they're not restarting)

The Friday after, the 21st - S05E10 (confirmed on Online Guide)


@ EPG team - where's the QA??

SBR entries should all be checked.