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136: The Carbonaro Effect S6 (New) - faulty EPG


Re: 136: The Carbonaro Effect S6 (New) - faulty EPG

Thanks very much @Thoko_DStv1  , and to the channel as well - feedback is appreciated, it makes sense, and even suits my, @krugie 's and some others' needs as we were too late for episode 1 when it was available.


I see that the EPG team did correct the mistake on the SD decoder EPGs.


Re: 136: The Carbonaro Effect S6 (New) - faulty EPG

Hi @Optimist,


Please see the below response from the channel:

"Episode 1 of Season 6 premiered on the 7th of December 2018 and we are currently still broadcasting Season 6. Episode 1 of Season 6 will be repeated on the 11th this is because Episode 8 (which would be next in sequence) was certified as post 21:00 due to one of the pranks being highly imitable by children. We will air Episode 8 as part of our weekend stacks at a suitable hour. 

As the series is not sequential and without a running storyline, the running order should not affect the viewer's experience". 


Re: 136: The Carbonaro Effect S6 (New) - faulty EPG

And I just want to add - although off topic - how disappointed I am that I basically missed an entire season of this show! It just sows once again the extend of MC's failure to make people aware of new shows and content. If it wasn't for some people's post on this forum I would miss halve the sows I am interested in watching.



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Re: 136: The Carbonaro Effect S6 (New) - faulty EPG

There was a similar problem last year with the same series on this channel, which was attended to but never got a response from the channel.

136 Discovery Family EPG problem


So not too bothered but it would be nice if...

1. We can find out if it will be E1 repeated or E8 new.

2. Which of MC's EPGs is correct??




136: The Carbonaro Effect S6 (New) - faulty EPG

I discovered this season late so have not seen what normal behaviour is.


@Mods  - please let the EPG team know that on my Explora 1 and the online guide, this Friday's premiere of E7 @  19:20 is supposedly followed by the start of a repeat of the season with E1 @  19:45.


This can't be correct as;

1. The online guide reveals that next Friday is episodes 9 and 10 respectively.

2. A SD decoder's EPG currently lists this Friday's second slot as being E8.


Feedback requested please.





For those into the series - most is still on Explora CU+.