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Day 8 of EPG blank today


Re: Day 8 of EPG blank today

@Thoko_DStv1 wrote:

...other decoders like later model HD PVRs and the Explora handles this without incident...

I might have misinterpreted this - "later model HD PVRs" could mean 2 tuners as opposed to the older 4 tuners, I thought it meant that they're all later models than the SD version of PVRs.


But maybe most important - @Doug  , were there any performance issues going on with your 4 tuner HD PVR before the removal of your day 8, and which then improved?


Re: Day 8 of EPG blank today

It's amazing what can be done with proper programming if you have a qualified person. Allow the creation of a personal channel list and to only show the TV Guide for that selection of channels - exactly like on the Explora. A simple programming calculation can then allow for more or fewer days to be displayed on the TV Guide depending on how many channels are in your personalised list.


I can say with a reasonable certainty that very few people will have more than 30 channels in their list - and many will possibly not have even half of that - which will lead to no difficulty in even showing a 14-day guide.


And don't tell me there is no one left that can produce code for these decoders. The only reason it has stopped is because of a corporate decision taken (to upset as many customers using these decoders as possible).


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Re: Day 8 of EPG blank today

Sadly, I think it's more to do with them confusing themselves... this "gem" was posted last week (Thoko is just the messenger here);


@Thoko_DStv1 wrote:

Hi @Optimist,

...As part of our security measures (which are needed to protect the integrity of the content on DStv and stop piracy), we send data to all active smart cards. This places an extra load on decoders – other decoders like later model HD PVRs and the Explora handles this without incident – but the SD PVR cannot cope with it.

These decoders have run out of memory – this is why they only have 6 days on their TV guide instead of 8 and why we cannot upgrade the software on these decoders. This is not a deliberate attempt on our part to force customers to upgrade – this is the old technology simply not being able to cope with the number of channels and amount of information it needs to process...

That aside for a moment, there is much truth in what they're trying to say at least. But it's not the whole story, either they've missed what's really happening or yes, are possibly deliberately abusing those circumstances - there is a particular other reason why SD PVRs actually reboot themselves (among other concerns with old decoders in general), and I found it and as such my SD PVRs have never rebooted in this regard on their own again! It is NOT related to memory, proven with certainty!

And no, I won't share it else it could potentially be abused by MC... (unless they pay me :-p :-D )


However, there is still a lag in response at certain times of the day which is indeed caused by memory problems, and can lead to a reboot if one is too busy with giving RCU commands at the time.


BTW, the SD PVR (and presumably the DualView) now actually only offer 4 days with just 2 of them containing synopses :-/

And that too is misrepresented in the above quote (unless the other version of its guide does more which I personally can't check at this stage - doubtful anyway).


Re: Day 8 of EPG blank today

I wish they'd stop being so mean and uncaring and give it back on the older PVRs!!!! Smiley MadSmiley FrustratedSmiley Sad


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Re: Day 8 of EPG blank today



Re: Day 8 of EPG blank today

In case it's been missed - Day 8 missing again on Explora 1...


Re: Day 8 of EPG blank today

Day 8 missing again on Explora 1, and signs of trouble on older decoders as well.

Info for that day is on the online guide so should just be a small issue.



EDIT: Was finally fixed here around 12:00.


Re: Day 8 of EPG blank today

More about ch. 299 originally being planned for Hi Band (details are on this page);


@Optimist wrote:

So a confusing press release due to the author not understanding, and that was originally confused by change of plans as well.

The author who doesn't understand turns out to be the whole of MC - this is the first subscription related channel that was probably planned for operating over MC's 11880 "LNB Switching Frequency" limit, which is why they were planning to call it a Hi Band first. They would have chosen that 11888 VER transponder as it's the only Hi Band one (to date) that's also designed for still-usable SD decoders - this would then have encouraged Hi Band capable upgrades in the sub continent.

However, beyond the change of plans, further confusion reigns as in the rest of the world we understand such structure as follows:

1. Hi Band is normally considered to start at 11700.

2. Lo Band can carry the beginning of Hi Band, up to 11900.

3. The new channel could have been further up the frequency scale of this 11888 VER transponder, putting it beyond Lo Band reach (for most LNB's) if partially or fully over the 11900 limit, but that's not the case with this transponder in their experiments to date (seen when that was accessible to all a few months ago) - that was positioned somewhere from 11888 to 11900.


Re: Day 8 of EPG blank today

My last thoughts on this.

I don't think they're out of space on their already allocated transponders, that's just future talk. If anything there may be more space now as some channels were cancelled, and why would they then start using a new transponder in these economic conditions.

So a confusing press release due to the author not understanding, and that was originally confused by change of plans as well.


In the meantime, hopefully the fiddle is at least over which means a smoother inclusion of newer transponders when they do come along.

Just theory though, and I guess I'm still an optimist at heart.

Red Carpet

Re: Day 8 of EPG blank today

Saw that yesterday. As usual the article is full of half truths which just causes problems. 

Working with their customers? Ja right. Cut them off fiddle with the decoder sw and then spend days getting decoders back on air is supposed to classify as "working with their customers"?

Ironically, the SDPVR IS completely capable of hi band reception, BUT  needs a sw upgrade which MC have no intention of doing. So that makes it now on the list to be " updated". Whatever that means. Notice the careful choice of words. What does updated mean in this context? A sw change or replaced?

Notice that even the Exploras make the list. Why only some?

Why not state what the issue really is? 

But as usual, try and feed the population BS and keep them in the dark is now a MC trademark.




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