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EPG day 8 miracle


Re: EPG day 8 miracle

Just checked on my two 4 tuner decoders . miracles never cease!

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Re: EPG day 8 miracle

We've been losing channels due to the economy, two more ended last night (127 & 128), so may be due to that capacity change. I've also noticed recent improvements on another decoder type.


EPG day 8 miracle

It feels like years since DSTV scrapped the day 8 EPG descriptions with the "too many channels, not enough space" excuse. So used to it that when I was perusing day 8 titles just now, I inadvertently pressed the info button and was at first confused, because the description appeared. After checking I was indeed on day 8, I realised THE DAY 8 DESCRIPTIONS ARE BACK!!! Smiley Very Happy


I guess this is a function of all the channels we've lost since then. Smiley Sad I hope its here to stay and not just accidental or unintended on DSTV's part. Smiley Tongue

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