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M-Net's lack of schedule structure


M-Net's lack of schedule structure

Recently I mentioned in another thread that the late night series Deutschland is being scheduled at wildly different times each week. Now the issue is spreading, or perhaps I'm just noticing it now.


In The Dark - has usually started accurately, but this week it's @  21:35, next week it's @  21:20...


This will not do M-group. Among other reasons, such as clashes and live viewing (all sorts of concerns have been frequently posted over the last few years), I also know of at least two persons still using an external recording option all the time instead of a PVR, and when this goes on it's a nightmare for them!

(Some prefer more control over their content, or don't want the R95 further expense. Lack of HD doesn't bother many older people, quality is still reasonable.)


Answer: don't go over the pre-set margins, just like your child's colouring-in book - plan well enough ahead, stick to it, and use more buffer programs like Sound Check.


In particular you're annoying the adults, the ones who pay for services in case you forgot again, it's their series that are late at night.

Reality programs and similar that cause overruns must surely not be priority, why are you thinking that way again, every few months??


But I'm tired of explaining the obvious to this newer management and reading others' attempts to do so here as well, they're clearly not listening much regarding not being in touch with professional methods in use worldwide or they actually somehow believe they know better, so must learn for themselves... and that's unfortunately at our expense as well.

I'll just add that competition is real people, best to pull up your socks properly, right now.