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MC, a response please

Red Carpet

Re: MC, a response please

I had the same issue with Condor and also some other programs last night - as I posted in @MadCat's Sunday thread. The only way I could get condor to record the repeat was to delete and re-schedule my series recordings - but the other programmes corrected themselves by doing a reboot.


Don't even expect an official response - it has become custom over the last months on here in MANY posts that there is no response when they are proven to be in the wrong and it can't be blamed on installations. It seems the policy is not to admit any wrong doing in writing.


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Red Carpet

Re: MC, a response please

The answer is simple MadCat. MC is going to do nothing. You have to do as we all do, constantly check to see what is happening and fix the issues yourself by deleting settings that are not working and rescheduling them.


Something went wrong for us over the weekend, messing with service authentication and all sorts of other things. Subscribers were affected differently, decoders were not all impacted in the same way and it seems it was even content and channel specific.

The only answer is what it has always been. You have to feed the baby, burp it and change its nappies at least once every 24 hours if not more often.

It is a long time since we have had all decoders working all at the same time. This issue will never stop until MC stop tampering with the system.

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Doin' it 4 Tv

MC, a response please

It happened again last night. Condor not recorded, no idea why.


So the facts thus far:

1. The issues have been happening for at least 3 days.

2. Scheduled recordings disappear, do not reflect as failed.

3. Some are reschuled by Explora, some not.

4. Some have reflected as "programme not found".

5. Issue is not channel specific.

6. All programmes are scheduled using series recording.


No question there is a problem. I assume it is self evident to you MC, that you need to fix the problem.


Here is my question: Until the problem is solved, and scheduled recordings continue not to happen, at some point a series with no more repeats and not available on CU, will not record. Given my choice not to be a CU+ subsciber, MC what are you going to do to assist me in watching a missed episode which is due to a problem on your side, not mine?