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SundanceTV EPG Errors (Explora1)


Re: SundanceTV EPG Errors (Explora1)

Thanks, it's great to get a response and know it was looked into - hopefully it'll save someone else getting the wrong idea about this movie in future.






Re: SundanceTV EPG Errors (Explora1)

Hi Ryan. Please see the response from the channel below:


This was our error, we sincerely apologise. We provided the incorrect synopsis for this film. The version with Richard Gere is not currently scheduled on any DStv channel. We do make our best efforts to ensure the EPG is accurate, but mistakes do occasionally creep in. Once again we apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

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SundanceTV EPG Errors (Explora1)

I enjoy this channel, but often notice incorrect EPG information. Instead of of starting a new thread every time I will point them out here and hopefully someone from DSTV will notice - the most recent problem last night was a bit annoying. Details:


Date/Time: Sun 10th Feb, 20:30

Programme: The Double


The Description in the EPG was from the 2011 film "The Double" starring Richard Gere, about the assassination of a US Senator being investigated by a retired CIA operative. The cast listed below was "Jesse Eisenberg, Mia Wasikowska", which is from the 2013 film "The Double". Interestingly the director was stated as "Richard Ayoade (2011)" when actually he directed the 2013 film.


What was actually shown was the 2013 "black comedy" with Jesse Eisenberg. So I started watching expecting the film about a CIA operative investigating an assassination and got something very different, took me a while to realise it was the wrong movie as I kept expecting Gere to appear! Please could this be corrected so others don't end up in the same situation, and perhaps look into the system involved as surely there should be some sort of reference id beyond just the name to avoid this rather messy mix of information. Thanks.