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EXPLORA No Sound over HDMI

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Re: EXPLORA No Sound over HDMI

I have found the problem. I have a 4k HDR display. On my Denon receiver, it has a setting for "4K Enhanced". If it is set to standard, the denon supports SDR, when it is set to Enhanced, the DENON supports HDR.

If I set 4K Enhanced to standard, then my Explora has sound over HDMI, if I set it to Enhanced, so that my denon supports HDR signal to my screen, then the explora has no sound.

This is quite strange and must be some sort of bug.

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Re: EXPLORA No Sound over HDMI

Yes, I have checked. Even if it went back to variable, it should still be able to output sound over hdmi. No matter what I do, I can't get sound over hdmi. My receiver just says unknown format for the audio signal over hdmi.


Re: EXPLORA No Sound over HDMI

You have checked that your audio settings has not reverted back to variable ? a software update during that time might have caused some settings back to defaults 

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EXPLORA No Sound over HDMI


I have two DSTV explora decoders. I connect them to my DENON AVR-X6400H receiver. About 2 months ago, the sound over HDMI stopped working. If I connect the sound with RCA cables, it is still working.


I tested each Explora with my DENON receiver, and also with my other YAMAHA receiver. The HDMI does not have sound on any of the exploras on the DENON or YAMAHA receivers.


On my Denon, it shows the audio signal over HDMI as unknown. Although it should be dolby digital.

I have also tried other HDMI cables, and it doesn't make any difference.


Has anyone experienced anything like this? Both my DENON and YAMAHA receivers can't both be faulty. 

I guess it is possible that both my Explora's are faulty but that would be strange, why would both break at the same time. Could it have anything to do with firmware or anything else?