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Explora 1- Faulty


Re: Explora 1- Faulty

Hi, I mostly don't help here anymore as MC don't put in proper effort with most things and try to get us to help for free. Please don't mention me again, thanks.


Will just say that the Explora is probably useless now, but maybe a service centre can recover the content.


Explora 1- Faulty

27E38DBF-A6C2-4D9A-8D2A-961568E9161A.jpegHi I'm hoping Optimist & others might help. I'm clueless about the technicalities of DStv decoders. I have the first explora, last week it didn't want to turn on/show the installation wizard(the big blue dstv on screen), it only showed what’s on the picture attached. I spoke to the agents on twitter & they said I should take it for testing, I did that, but then at the multichoice agency it showed DELETE on the front panel. They were not elaborative on whats going on, they just said they can’t do anything more cause it shows DELETE. Does this mean the decoder is dead?