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Explora - recording priorities fault


Re: Explora - recording priorities fault



The BBC Brit scheduling has now been changed from a start time of 19:59 to 20:01, possibly due to this thread being passed on but BBC do make these later changes themselves sometimes (it's also all very odd).


That solves this particular example problem, thanks either way, but not the software's incorrect priorities issue.

I don't need more feedback, presuming something obviously out of sorts like this will be fixed.



Re: Explora - recording priorities fault

Hi @Optimist , we've forwarded this to our engineers.~LTS 


Explora - recording priorities fault

Mods please pass this on to the decoder development team for the Explora, many thanks.


MR's are supposed to have highest priority, but you can't create them without first deleting other recording schedules (SBR's & EBR's) in their way. This is not logical.

I've noticed it before, perhaps others have as well and will add their comments?




1. 120 BBC Brit is as usual not sticking to hour slots properly next Wed. - they have that night's premiere of Jay Leno's Garage scheduled to run from 19:59 to 20:59.

2. This means that my recording of Elementary S6E1 from 115 M-City, which runs from 19:00 to 20:00, has to be recorded manually (the last minute will not have related content).

3. But that's not allowed as I have SBR's setup from The Big Bang Theory @19:00 and Will & Grace @19:30, both on 101 M-Net. (They will repeat on the following Thurs. morning, but that can't be set up yet.)


It's important that I do things this way due to known and suspected lack of repeats, and of course we all know that CU is too unreliable.


What had to be done in the end;

1. Cancel the SBR-triggered schedule for the 115 item (episode, NOT season!... how many make that mistake)

2. Cancel both the 101 items (the episodes, NOT the seasons!)

3. Then replace the 115 item with a shortened MR for it which is now allowed.

4. Finally, re-allow the two 101 items to be added to the recording schedules (will be in conflict until altered tomorrow).