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How to record content off DSTV Explora


Re: How to record content off DSTV Explora

For the doubters, which seems to include the OP...


Just tried using an external harddisk recorder on an Explora 1. No prob, and upon connection it reports "Copy once protection", with composite (AV) and RF.


The further full restrictions were only introduced by MC with the release of the series 5 HD Decoder (and maybe the series 4 as well, don't know for sure) and the Explora 3A. At the time we didn't know if it was intentional or not, and MC management avoided answering this.

All older decoders continue to allow for copy-once in SD quality, MC just want people to think it's generally no longer possible. I doubt they dare change what's been on offer, despite their continued sneaky put-the-customer-last approach to all too many things.


But don't expect me to keep pointing these things out, just learn not to take MC on their word... unless they earn that privilege again.


Re: How to record content off DSTV Explora

Asked and answered in the previous thread with the same name.

And no @Julia_DStv1  , the blanket answer you were given to pass on is at least partially incorrect, and certainly no such change of MC policy was ever announced.


Re: How to record content off DSTV Explora

Hi bekkeran. Due to rights and restriction policies to gauge piracy , it is not possible to transfer content from your Explora recordings. 

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How to record content off DSTV Explora

i would like to know if its is possible to get everything that i recorded on my explora onto a hardrive. im going to replace my Explora 1 with the explora 3 and i have alot of music on the explora 1