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Losing heartbeat to 2nd and 3rd Xtraview Decoder


Re: Losing heartbeat to 2nd and 3rd Xtraview Decoder

Correction - the 4 series single view decoders do need a diplexer for HB via SLNB, it is only the 5 series single view decoders that don't.


Re: Losing heartbeat to 2nd and 3rd Xtraview Decoder

I am going to help you for one reason only - I need others here to see that there's no objections to anyone helping here despite the "politics" of the moment that are generally involved. (Something only regulars will probably understand.)

But this will quite probably be a once-off only, with no follow-up from me.


1. The 4U does not need a diplexer for HB (heartbeat) via SLNB (Smart LNB). EDIT: Incorrect - see next post.

2. The 4U is clearly correctly making use of a Unicable SLNB connection as well, else its HB reception that way couldn't work at all.

3. What Exploras are in use is important - the newer 2A model does not need a diplexer.

4. If you have an Explora 1 and an Explora 2A, we recommend making the 2A the primary decoder.


The diplexer(s) that are not needed could be weakening HB, but I also suspect you may have them incorrectly connected.

If they are the very strangely labelled Aerial King's Chinese model 001-M01-017, then post that they are and I will then at least post how they are supposed to be wired as general info for all readers here.


The SLX splitter behaviour is odd, in both usage instances, but maybe related to what I've already discussed. That factor may need further help afterwards, but as I say... from someone else.


Note that further decent help here is not guaranteed.


Losing heartbeat to 2nd and 3rd Xtraview Decoder

I have 2 Exploras and 1 4U decoder. The setup works fine with the heartbeat through the SLNB via diplexers at each decoder. When I connect the decoders to a SLX splitter to distribute the three signals to 3 other rooms thent he heartbeat is interrupted.


When I remove the diplexers and connect the heartbeart via the SLX splitter I can connect 2 rooms, as soon as I connect the 3rd room the heartbeat is interrupted.


Any advice would be appreciated