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New Explora software updates


Re: New software update(s) - Oct '18 - Feb '19

That E32 in the pic has been causing people problems for years, yet MC continue to fiddle with it every few months!


As for my experience today, I don't know if it's related to Jan's but what I've just had was an E48 No Signal Notification after exiting a recording that was being watched.

The strength and quality of that channel's signals were then immediately checked and found to be normal.

A toggle to the channel next to it worked fine, and when returning to the "problem" channel it worked fine again.


A few times over the last few days I think I've seen similar messages, but they've previously disappeared too quickly to read with any certainty. This is the first time it was stuck.


What's left to say MC, trouble in too many departments and mostly not getting better. Is there even a point in reporting anything...


Re: New software update(s) - Oct '18 - Feb '19

Maybe not this software related but this morning when I switched on the TV I was greeted with a validation message. At self help I was greeted with "we are experiencing technical difficulties please try again later". A reboot did not solve anything neither did the remove smart cart trick. Self help by then worked but nothing changed . After the third self help attempt it cleared just to resurface a few minutes later again. Eventually after about 30 minutes it cleared. Funny enough the 3A XV carried on as if nothing was wrong.




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Re: New software update(s) - Oct '18 - Feb '19

Still no official response from MC re the latest sw versions for each decoder model.

Apparently, MC does not want to divulge this info until they have finished with sw updates. ....

That means ---- we are unlikely to ever get an updated list. What is the harm in regularly publishing the sw versions for each decoder as a reference for all of us to use?



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Re: New software update(s) - Oct '18 - Feb '19

This morning's maint. reboot led to an E06 smartcard error..... :-(

There's been other decoders' authentication reports over the last few days so hopefully not the software, I thought we were well past this type of error now. Hope so MC.


Tired of reporting here alone as well...


Re: New software update(s) - Oct '18 - Feb '19

Another old bug that's back and strongly irritating us, but this one reappeared sometime before this update - the PVR Playback Icon sometimes remains on screen until you manipulate it off or do a reboot.


There's others of course, good luck finding them before they drive away more customers...


Re: New software update(s) - Oct '18 - Feb '19

99/2 (Report is re major faults only)


1. Processor response time has definitely slowed down further, enough to be a concern.


2. This morning my maintenance reboot failed to occur. Long story short - later monitoring revealed that the manual "reboot now" option message now only stays on screen for 3 or 4 seconds, and if ignored the auto reboot never happens.

Is this yet another old bug resurfacing MC??


Re: New software update(s) - Oct '18 - Feb '19

@Jan-Hornmentioned these updates;


"2A Diana 45/2

3A Diana  4/2"


I've now got 99/2 on my Explora 1.


Please note that the nickname "Diana" (all Exploras) won't necessarily only be used for these updates.

Although MC do seem to be using them more as one-for-one type labels these days...


Re: New software update(s) - Oct '18 - Feb '19

More terrible programming (coding) efforts found;


Search \ Series \ New Seasons \ TV Guide

1. Search says it's complete, but the total count continues to increase for ages beyond that. (Re reproducing it - I may have moved around the various sections first.)

2. You can't navigate through the list until the search is really completed, it keeps throwing one back to the first entry on page 1 each time the list increases.


Really troubling. Managers need to pass these endless forum reports from everyone right to the top, else this company is heading for disaster. Won't be long before most stop bothering due to lack of progress and ever worsening efforts.

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Re: New software update(s) - Oct '18 - Feb '19


We have tested this and it is 100% reproducible.  I’ve logged a defect for prioritization to be planned for fixing in upcoming releases.



Re: New software update(s) - Oct '18 - Feb '19

Another Showmax s/w bug;


This one has happened to me a few times.

I start watching an episode of a series, then immediately rewind and pause, waiting for some of it to first buffer.

Then I change the Aspect Ratio with the ARC button from Pillarbox to Letterbox (due to the one TV that this is being watched on.)


When the ARC setting disappears off screen, I'm shot back to the entry screen of the series, as if I had exited a couple of steps... but I haven't and the streaming continues as if nothing has happened. Simply exiting further takes me back to the full screen of the paused streamed episode.


Is there maybe a second team developing the Showmax s/w? It seems better in some respects, but much of the recent issues point to this "team", or effort.


(Not available...)