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New Explora software updates


Re: New software update(s) - Oct / Nov '18

If anyone now gets a new update to model 1's  L:95 (95/2) or the 2A's  L:41 (41/2) , or something beyond that, please post so that us Forumites can know that things are moving forward again. TIA


Re: New software update(s) - Oct / Nov '18

On L95.


I just initiated a CU+ download that behaved oddly.


Currently at the top of the default-order Movies list is Kill Switch - I selected the Download SD option.

Nothing appeared to happen.

Tried to do so again, and it appeared to let me try as if nothing had happened before.

Nothing appeared to happen again.

Exited the environment, then returned - only then was the downloading info visible.


Re: New software update(s) - Oct / Nov '18

I had noticed that the cu screen is empty a lot more since update last week. Sometimes 2-3 times a night  takes a good few minutes to work again, not every night and very random times 

Red Carpet

Re: New software update(s) - Oct / Nov '18

I have had instances where I browse through the different channels on CU - then certain series are shown below - but when I press the down button to scroll through the individual series the screen refreshes and there are changes in the series being listed - some are added or removed.


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Re: New software update(s) - Oct / Nov '18

@Cya_DStv1 wrote:

If there are any anomalies with time, do notify us:-)...though we hope there won't be going forward;-)

Possible further anomalies with the CU+ updating we were discussing - yesterday it only updated around 06:00 and 11:57, and not again until 06:04 this morning.

Is that normal, perhaps it's now done less on weekends?




About 5 min. after my maintenance reboot this morning I was browsing through CU, and when I went into the Movies section it showed me the titles for the Sports section.

I checked what was on the screen carefully to confirm this.

Then I exited, shifted sections, came back to Movies again and this time found it behaving correctly.


Something like this can only be poor programming and QA. If it's post-reboot behaviour then the s/w must still always stay correctly on track with its loading functionality.




I'm unlikely to be reporting much more this year, if at all.


Re: New software update(s) - Oct / Nov '18

Partial freezing of functionality;


First noticed on L93 - while browsing through CU Movies (All), more than once I had a short freeze of about 30 secs. to a minute. Remote keys pressed were then buffered, or if nothing pressed then normal function would return.

This was seen to be improved time-delay-wise on L95 and only seen once, so I've left it.


But this morning I got stuck far worse in Showmax.

It was a few minutes post my maintenance reboot.

Had entered Showmax conventionally as I prefer using the A6 to the A7 remote.

Was examining the Series section, moving backwards through the genre tabs, and things froze on the "Stand-up Comedy" tab.

The blank placeholders for the titles were visible, but no "busy-circle of dots", and all except the live TV window appeared totally frozen.

After about 2 to 3 min. of this I tried the pause button to see if live TV would pause - it stuttered but then did pause.


I escaped by pressing standby - worked immediately, although then had a static pic of the frozen live TV feed instead of the normal blanked-out video state for standby.

Toggling standby back on again, all returned to normal (with my presence in Showmax exited). I haven't bothered to reboot as all is working well as before.


I'm not likely to add any more or be around to answer any questions.

Red Carpet

Re: New software update(s) - Oct / Nov '18

All of this could be sorted out IF MC does what I asked today, specifically to give MC a chance to post its own information in the Decoders and Gadgets "Board".

It is not as if no one has received the new software. A pretty large sample of users with Explora decoders got the update last week. ---  An announcement when the first group got their updates always included a statement about a phased roll-out.

See this thread.

Octo LNB; 2 by 2x4 MS; 2 by ES 5-2; Dedicated PSU for LNB, ES's, MS's; HD PVR 4P x 2; Explora 1; DSD 660; FSM

Re: New software update(s) - Oct / Nov '18

Oh, ok... I guess it's best to always say that these decisions are subject to change.

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: New software update(s) - Oct / Nov '18

No, no was not disputing the information at all. I had figured that out. In essence, was more concerned about a possible delay which may come from the stipulated time-frame as stated. Am sure you follow my drift.


Re: New software update(s) - Oct / Nov '18

"Grapevine" wasn't the best choice of words here @Cya_DStv1  ;-)

We were actually told this fact in an open discussion by someone senior, and we weren't asked to keep it confidential.