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Playback Stutter


Re: Playback Stutter

I have noticed the playback stutter mainly on the BBC Brit recordings. But then although we record most of favourite programs the recordings are mostly done a a backup and we prefer to do our viewing in CU for obvious reasons. On The Explora 2A CU becomes available within a few minutes after airing so that mean around an hour delay in our viewing pattern. 

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Re: Playback Stutter

Agreed. Processor or memory would be my guess


It's never at the same point in a recording. And like you said, it also occurs whether there is another recording occuring at the same time...or not....or linear


So it points to resource constraints in my mind.  I stand by my assertion that the Explora's are crap on both a woeful software and now clearly constrained hardware level

Red Carpet

Re: Playback Stutter

If it is intermittent, it could be due to processor overload, lack of available memory at that instance and similar problems.

If it always happens at the same point in a recording it could mean a hardware problem.

I see a form of stutter on both my decoders, during "linear" viewing (how I hate this terminology) , live viewing, viewing in the buffer and viewing recordings. The picture stutters but the sound continues and then the decoders go through a few ms re-establishing synch. It is not channel, content or time dependent.

Clearly, this is a sw problem or a CPU capacity issue, bearing in mind that more and more channels are now HD which must have increased processor loading. It does not happen on the SD channels or recorded SD content.

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Playback Stutter

Anyone else experiencing playback stutter ?


When watching any random recording, at least once during playback, the recording stutters and causes the sound to the amp to drop out for just a second


Rewind back a few seconds and watch it again and playback is normal