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Recording time icon


Re: Recording time icon

Thanks so much Optimist  .....   as always  ...... and yes, your i-Plate interim solution does remove it :-)     


Re: Recording time icon

Hi @ValJ  , guess who... ;-)

It's an old bug that's resurfaced for now.


Temp solution is to bring up the i-Plate (the info bar at the bottom) and then remove it. It should remove those icons as well.


More permanent solution, for a while anyway, is to reboot. But that of course isn't very practical re the recording and your viewing at the time... :-/


Will probably be fixed soon, again.


Recording time icon

Is there any way to turn off the recording time icon which has suddenly appeared at the top right of the screen ? This used to appear when pressing pause, and would disappear when pressing play, but seems to now be a permanent feature.  Have tried everything I can think of, but cannot remove it.