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Remote Recording


Remote Recording

Hi Jan-Horn,


Thanks very much for the update, well done!


I did indeed download the new App (you cant update the old app) and all works as you said...


However the functionality of remote tecording via the DSTV Now URL on the PC/Laptop is still missing.




Re: Remote Recording

When all else fails read the instructions.

For the first time I actually watched a portion of the Explora factorial on channel 197. I like to find out things for myself. The section I  watched were remote recording. Interestingly the whole section dealt with accessing the facility via DStv Now using a cell or tablet. Thought I would give it a try and and setting up a remote recording was very simple and easy. It even gave me a choice of which of my two decoders to do the recording on. 

I presume that accessing DStv now instead of logging onto self help from a laptop or PC will also work. 

Have they setup the two tv guides on different websites to cater for the guide on the Dstv now platform.  

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Re: Remote Recording

Thanks Krugie.


Mods, please confirm that this thread is being passed on to senior management, and a response to our concerns would be a fair start.


But I'm not chasing things anymore, MC will try if they choose to, or not.


Re: Remote Recording

Hi guys  - sorry - I was away all weekend.


Yes the mystery of the TWO online guides remain unsolved and I never received any responses. The way it came about was when I was trying to search the content of the "new" guide, only to realise there is no Search function - the Search option searches the website instead which meant ANOTHER way of content discovery has been removed.


I then went to the "older" guide which was still in my browser history and found the search there to still be in place - even though that is the Search that shows each result up to 20 times. Rather useless but still better than the no-search-at-all on the "new" guide!


I truly can't fathom out the logic or thinking behind all of it...


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Re: Remote Recording

Actually, it is the other way around. Over the years, we have seen more and more "interference" from senior management in the basics of the customer management touch points to the point where many really simple things are no longer carried out properly.


Website migration to new platforms and web interfaces has gone on for years and years. Mostly, to the detriment of customers.


Checking and doing a few traceroutes shows that the two ways to get to the guide are on different networks and servers.  There is no apparent link between the two. It is almost as if the dstv.co.za website is a trial version not even ready for beta testing.

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Re: Remote Recording

Thanks for putting the record straight.

Thank you @krugie.....

I find MC very confusing, sometimes things work, sometimes they dont, they make changes without informing their Customers. The Customer Experience is not great, time they employed a senior person in the CX role....


Re: Remote Recording

Glad to help people, although it was actually @krugie  who solved the original mystery... maybe he can remind us what that fiasco was about!


My old PC certainly won't handle the slowness of the new guide if Geoff's can't, and lots of other badly slow sections already which I therefore don't visit. Even the home page has become pathetically slow. Think it must be more of the overdone graphic bling additions.


So, DStv presumed soon to be without a usable guide anywhere beyond the basic and in some cases crippled EPGs, the backbone of MC's services now disintegrating...


Mods - this needs to reach the managers, last hope...


Re: Remote Recording

Thanks Optimist!


Problem solved....


Re: Remote Recording

Hell MC, you're a backwards bunch of twits!! Can't you do anything right?????


And besides the new, BAD guide, now having confused people twice in the last couple of weeks, what is this bl00dy ".co.za" nonsense change about now anyway??? More bl00dy psychotic "security", re the location in this case????


And how long until you take away the old "reasonable" (haha, hardly that) online guide then??????


I can't stand these people anymore, such pathetic... can't even find the words to describe it all... BAH !!!!!!!

No wonder most people have left this forum!!

Red Carpet

Re: Remote Recording

Yes!  thanks, Optimist --- mystery solved. There are two guides, one almost useless will not load, and definitely a problem, the other one works properly, loads fast and has the icons greyed out regardless of whether logged in or not.


Don't have an Explora so it all makes sense.

Octo LNB; 2 by 2x4 MS; 2 by ES 5-2; Dedicated PSU for LNB, ES's, MS's; HD PVR 4P x 2; Explora 1; DSD 660; FSM