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Supersport 10 sound issue


Re: Supersport 10 sound issue

Hi @Terminator1, we will have this looked into, 


Please tell us which soundtrack you were using and tell us which one you switched to.

Confirm your decoder model.

Confirm the loader version.

When the incident started.

Re: Supersport 10 sound issue

When can we expect a response or a fix for this problem multichoice?? 


Re: Supersport 10 sound issue

Reported it earlier but no response yet... see details from page 3 in Explora 2A automatically changes audio output


Supersport 10 sound issue

I have picked up that when watching anything on channel 210, there is no sound. I have to change the soundtrack to get any sound. It's as if the "default" sound is missing. I have to use the alternative soundtrack options for any sound. Can this be sorted out