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WWE Raw recordings dissapear

Red Carpet

Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

I have never seen this happen so am baffled as well. Are you using series recording for this or a manual recurring recording? Maybe try change from the one to the other and see whether it makes any difference?


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Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

The decoder is at 5% full. I did not delete it and the decoder is set to not delete. I had a similiar issue on my previous pace 4 tuner where recordings woull be in the playlist and upon exiting and going in again some rtecording will be missing....then a few days later it would re-appear again. At that stage there was a fix eventually for the error...Strange thing now is that is only one program that goes missing...

Red Carpet

Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

Check that the HDD is not over 90% full. If it is, the moment you check a recording to see if it is there, the decoder will delete it after you have opended the recording UNLESS you tell it to NOT delete the recording.

The other parameter to check is a setting somewhere, to default to "Keep" all recordings until you as a user delete them yourself.  This is also a safety measure to prevent recordings from being automatically deleted immediately after watching them.

Not sure where to find these settings on Exploras or if thye are still available.




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WWE Raw recordings dissapear



I have a season recording set for WWE RAW and Smackdown Live. Every Monday morning the decoder records WWE RAW and when Smackdown airs ir records that as well. Unfortunately for the last 3 weeks the WWE RAW recording goes missing. It will be there the same day the recording took place, but then just dissapears from the recorded list. I thought that it didn't record in the previous weeks, but made a point to check this week. It recorded it on Tuesday morning and was in the recorded/playlist. Last night when I opened my playlist to so my son can watch, there was no WWE RAW yet again. Smackdown is there and doesn't dissapear. To watch on catchup is a waste, as the 4h30 minute program gets cut to 1 hour on catch up...what to do or check?