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WWE Raw recordings dissapear

Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

Geoff..I have done what you are suggesting 3 weeks ago, but the issue returned, hence the post continues...Smiley Happy

Red Carpet

Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

There is only one final thing you can try.  And it will work if somehow, for whatever reason, something disrupted/corrupted the data stored on the decoders for channel, program, season and episode.

That would mean you would have to try and get all the data stores including the backup data stored on the HDD cleaned out.

That requires you to delete ALL scheduled recordings that are set, especially series data, then reboot the decoders, or even better, reset to defaults, and start reloading the schedules again.

The downside is the decoder will re-record any repeats of episodes you already have but that is all.





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Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

As far as I can see there is no issue with the recording. No exclamation that it didn't fully record or anything

Red Carpet

Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

I can only imagine that the Explora is incorrectly replacing the one recording with the other as if there was a problem/error with the 1st recording and it is being replaced by a repeat.


This would indicate that the two programs incorrectly have the same identifier in the EPG but this still will not explain why it happens at all since there was (I'm assuming) no problem with the 1st recording so here shouldn't be a need to replace it.


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Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

Geoff...wil try that



Red Carpet

Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

Suggestion. As soon as the recording completes and you see it in your playlist, lock it. You can even consider changing the name. See then if it still dissapears.

Octo LNB; 2 by 2x4 MS; 2 by ES 5-2; Dedicated PSU for LNB, ES's, MS's; HD PVR 4P x 2; Explora 1; DSD 660; FSM

Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

Thank you @Terminator1, this has been sent to the decoder team, will let you know once we have feedback.~ 

Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

Here is the relevant info as requested.

The program recorded on Tuesday morning and was in the playlist untill Wednesday evening at 22h00. The next morning it was missing. The only recording that evening or the next morning was wwe smackdown, which recorded and is still in the playlist


Explora 2a

Channel 204



All other recordings I can play when it's recording. I'm not up at 02h00 to check if the same is applicable

No failures or anything. The recording does take place, just dissapears from the recording list

Don't know if tuner 2 is locked, as stated above the recoring does take place and it is in the playlist of all my recordings

Do have xtraview. Eplora 2a & Eplora 1. Not sure which one is the primary. When I check on xtraview settings, there is no info at primary and secondary and communication status is idle


Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

Hi @Terminator1 , we forwarded the issue to our support team to determine if this is a decoder or EPG issue, our decoder team has requested for the below info:



  • Which decoder model does the customer have?
  • Which channel was the recording set?
  • What time was the recording in question scheduled for?
  • When the decoder is currently recording what colour is the recording icon? White or Red?
  • Can the customer confirm if they can replay the recording while still in progress?
  • Are there any failures for this recording under Planner -> Schedules-> Failed Recordings?
  • Is tuner 2 locked when the recording is in progress?
  • Does the customer have xtraview? If so what’s his combination and which models does he have?


Re: WWE Raw recordings dissapear

And again the recording disappeared !! It was still in my Playlist last night at 22h00 as I watched other recordings. The explora was untouched by anyone today,so nobody could delete it. The only thing that changed in the decoder was that this morning at 02h00 wwe smacdown recorded and it is still in the Playlist