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Where is the Theme Search?


Re: Where is the Theme Search?

The removal of this search function to find and record documentaries is increasingly making the R900+ plus monthly cost a grudge payment. 


Re: Where is the Theme Search?

Have the latest software on my Explora 1, and it tells me this in Apps \ Easy Info \ Self Service \ What's New;


(Not easy to read in the photo - it says "You can also use the decoder search feature to look for genres".)


Genre search still advertised.jpg


@  MC, please explain why this removed feature is being offered?

And why is it considered "new", is a new search app being developed?

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Re: Where is the Theme Search?

@Julia_DStv1 - with all due respect - have you ever used the search on the DSTV website? It is possibly the worst search facility on the entire Internet - and that is well documented on here as it was on the old forum. Each occurrence of a single broadcast is easily repeated 8 or more times - you can get pages and pages full of results and when you look at the detail it is actually just 3 or 4 viewings.


The poster is referring to the search facility using the DSTV Explora - it should not be required to go online to search for something. Certain functionality on the Explora search has been removed - no one knows or understands why - and this is a problem for many people.


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Re: Where is the Theme Search?

Hi Gobbo. To search for programming on our website, go to The Guide, select TV Guide, you will be re-directed to the TV Guide page. The Search function is available on the top right corner. 


Re: Where is the Theme Search?

Please indicate how to search the TV Guide for once-off comedy shows (or documentaries, etc.) now that the Theme and Advanced search functionality has been removed.


Re: Where is the Theme Search?

Today is the first time I've used the Movies A-Z search (just a coincidence that this thread was posted in earlier).

There's some more faulty software involved........


Using Movies A-Z \ TV Guide \ All

The order of the results delivered with the default A-Z order option is NOT alphabetical, it seems to be in some sort of channel order instead.

(I did look at BO and CU first in this section, perhaps that had an influence.)


I then tried "Oldest" which was fine, then went back to the "A-Z" setting which is also now fine...


Not available.....


Re: Where is the Theme Search?

This is an unacceptable  reply. The theme and advanced search functions were the only way to search for one-off shows. This makes it harder to justify the expense of dstv.

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Re: Where is the Theme Search?

It's true, this thread is not actually resolved.  I'm finding that I'm watching a lot less on DStv now as I have no way to find interesting shows other than to scroll through each channel or try various words to search for on the "word search".  Even the online TV Guide isn't updated. Smiley Sad


Re: Where is the Theme Search?

This morning I want to touch on the Movie Search.

(I've no idea if any of this has changed, we're still on the older software for now.)


There's two sections - "Movies A-Z", and "On Now & Starting Soon".


1. The second option seems pointless - it covers a very short period and that includes many movies which started already, and that functionality is available in "Movies A-Z" if one selects the "Date-Ascending" Option which could even be made the default by MC. So maybe a better item to clean up?


2. BTW, the above mentioned "Date-Ascending" Option choice isn't remembered, has to be set again for every search.


3. The disadvantage of "Date-Ascending" - that then incorrectly (feels incorrect) puts all the CU+ and BO movies at the start of the list, which takes many, many, many key presses to get past - please fix, perhaps they should be listed based on expiry dates.

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Re: Where is the Theme Search?

@ltshizane_DStv wrote:

Hi @Opimist, we will have your suggestion forwarded to the relevant department.~

Thanks Ltshizane. Here's some follow up for them, and others;


I've since noticed that something along these lines does already exist, in reverse.

I was doing a SM content search with that all-in-one-line keyboard (is a bit useful with just a couple of letters) - at the end of the results there was also a folder or something for results for the Playlist which included a total, and also one for CU - but I didn't open and examine how that works yet.

Anyway, it certainly appears that this request is already then a fully incorporated search option, or closer to fully, if the search is made on the SM side.


Still would very much like it to work from the DStv side though, especially with Word Search - that is the main section and search option now for everyone on Exploras.

Thanks again