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Re: Boxoffice

So this is now a customer touchpoint @Julia_DStv1  ? It's certainly not a casual type of service request that MC are now helping with here...

Glad to hear it then :-)


BTW, "DM" is not the term used for forums, here it's called "PM" (Private Messages).


Re: Boxoffice

Hi Dondan. Please DM us your DStv account details so we can assist. 


Re: Boxoffice

This forum isn't considered a customer touchpoint by MC, believe it or not, so help is basic if even offered and therefore your best bet is to get the call centre or a service centre to help you (not an agency).

If you can't get anywhere insist on a supervisor.


@Grace_DStv1  - maybe the powers that be can consider a short explanation that must be read by people registering here. This is the last time I'm willing to help a newbie waiting in vein for MC's help, and the Mods don't reply enough, nor quickly when they do.

New poster


I have premium subscription but the Box office says "box office is not available in your region" - we have reset the decoder, removed the smart card but still after 4 days this message remains. Please help?