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E16 secondary decoder error for 2 months

Red Carpet

Re: E16 secondary decoder error for 2 months

The only way will be to take your decoders in to MC  and demand they fix it all up face to face. No amount of remote contact will get them to see the problem. They will continue to dodge the issue and try and fob you off with possible installation issues.

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Re: E16 secondary decoder error for 2 months

You're wasting your time here - this forum is not an official customer touchpoint according to MC.

But they may answer to try prove that they try, which on the whole they don't.


Suggest getting a supervisor at the call centre or a main MC service centre, and get their name. Nothing else will normally work as well as that.


E16 secondary decoder error for 2 months

I have now been struggling for 2 months to get the E16 error code cleared on my secondary decoder that was caused by your system upgrade, that added a “dash” to my account, as I am told. I have spend hours on the phone day after day, week after week and now month after month at my cost. I have spoken to supervisors I have been told a million times that you are escalating the issue to Tech dep and they will phone me back, NO CALL received and the error remains, yet I pay every month for a service I am not receiving.