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Explora Showmax - "Series You're Watching" list

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: Explora - request for a Showmax "Series You're Watching" list

We are on it:-)


Explora Showmax - "Series You're Watching" list

@Mods - please could you pass this on to the development team for the Explora, thanks :-)

I'm finding it quite annoying getting back to various Showmax series I'm busy watching over a period on my Explora, it can take ages to move through the mass of what's available to arrive back at a chosen series again.
So please add this to its menu's "Featured" section - a line for "Series You're Watching", similar to what we already have with CU / CU+.
Many thanks.

@Forumites - please would some of you add your support if you also want this.