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Saga of the Dish Magazine continues


Re: Saga of the Dish Magazine continues

We receive ours monthly through the mail but the November issue only arrived a few days ago. With the postal services what it is it is difficult ti judge when it was mailed.  

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Re: Saga of the Dish Magazine continues

Keep it up, we are behind you! It should by now be a simple matter for MC to sort out either way.

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Re: Saga of the Dish Magazine continues

I feel your pain but I fear you will not get a satisfactory reply - especially not regarding a discount. MC will tell you that subscribers were always getting the magazine for free and the vast majority already no longer receive the magazine - yet their subscriptions remained unchanged.


Good luck with your quest though - my elderly parents gave up a very long time ago.


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Saga of the Dish Magazine continues

Hi all

I haven't been around here for a while, but that doesn't mean my battle with Multichoice and their ever-constant promises of supplying me with my monthly DSTV Dish Magazine has ended or been resolved.


It hasn't.  Apparently, my delivery address has now successfully been changed, but I can't prove that, because to this date I have STILL not received a DSTV Dish. 


And when I ask the dear moderators they keep coming back with "the department says it sends out the magazines at the beginning of the month". When I ask for an exact date of when the things get shipped out, I get nothing back. 


First it was if you didn't receive your guide after basically the 27th of the month, you ain't getting it.  Now apparently they only send it in the first week of the new month.  Well, the first week of this new month is done and dusted.  And guess what I got?  Bubkis! Again! 


So yeah, I don't know who's blowing smoke up whose whatsis, but somewhere someone is telling fibs.


I'm not letting this go though. This is a matter of pure principle!  I pay for this book.  I pay a lot of money every month for my premium and I want my **bleep** book!  Either that or our dear Multichoice needs to make my premium less with about R30 a month to discount me for what I am not getting.


The saga continues.............