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DSTV Premium losing viewers

Red Carpet

Re: DSTV Premium losing viewers

I agree - apart from sport this is no longer a premium product to me personally. The service & support levels are not even mediocre at best - when it exists. It is always easy to blame competition and outside factors but the first investigations should always be on the inside.


On top of all that, the prices are getting ridiculous compared to what is available elsewhere. Many people would probably not even pay 50% of the current subscription costs to lure them back. 


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DSTV Premium losing viewers

From My Broadband article:


"MultiChoice Group has released its investor roadshow presentation....."


"As part of the presentation, MultiChoice detailed how it is the leading entertainment platform in Africa.

It made the claim by comparing its subscriber numbers – which currently stand at 13.9 million across the continent – against those of StarTimes, Canal Plus Afrique, and Netflix."


I found this interesting: "While DStv subscriber numbers in Africa have grown in recent years, its Premium package has lost viewers. This has been attributed to high prices and competition from Netflix."




The conclusions they draw are wrong. If your product comes under attack from competition, the way to go is to push back by improving the quality of your product beyond that of the competition i.e. fight for supremacy. Take a look at the car industry for example where product improvement is key to a brands continuing existence.


The current approach of slashing the quality of DSTV Premium and still increase prices is exactly the wrong thing to do!! The decision makers at MC obviously do not appreciate the real-world reasons for their loss of Premium viewership and need to wake up if they want to save their product.


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