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Another Community software problem!


Re: Another Community software problem!

And now the attachments aren't working again today!!


MC, you are a complete disgrace and joke!



EDIT: Now working again...


Re: Another Community software problem!

Not going to argue with you Grace...


To finish off this problem;

Ensure all involved see my new attachment in this post, it shows how hovering a mouse over the example pics produces a "magnifying glass" button - no scrollbar effect in this instance, but when the pic is at the end of the post then the button's appearance seems to cause the software fault and the vertical scrollbar appears.


Note to the developers - kindly note that these examples are indeed pics, not supplied smileys, I made my own pics of the smileys I want.




Re: Another Community software problem!

@Optimist - it might seem that way, but the questions are necessary for their investigations. Thanks for your feedback, the picture was shared with the support team. 


Re: Another Community software problem!

It's part of the software faults Grace, always been there. Where is shown in the pic I attached so why am I being asked the obvious?? - it's occurring in some of our posts (at least in Firefox).


Later found clue: The developers should try hovering their mouse over the (approved) "photo" pics. I don't think threads without pics are affected.



Please don't ask me for any further feedback, anywhere, I'm no longer even interested in assisting with improvements here due to MC's generally and steadily worsening very poor efforts.


Re: Another Community software problem!

@Optimist - the support team is conducting an investigation about the latest issue raised, scroll bar and would like to get more info.

- where is the problem happening? Is it via PM?

- Has this been happening for a while or is it just recent? 

- When did you first start seeing this issue happening? 



Re: Another Community software problem!

Here's another one not yet reported that just popped up again;


Occasionally after a few minutes since making a post, the post grows a vertical scroll bar - see attached.

It's clearly not needed, and no resizing of the browser page gets rid of it. It disappears after a page refresh.


Likely to be core related, so Lithium caused.


Re: Another Community software problem!

@GeoffD wrote:

I am busy sending PMs to MC personnel, and now I get this error!  What a daft restriction!


You have reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later.

This just happened to me as well, here's some new discoveries about it.


It's the first PM I was sending today, so clearly yet another Lithium s/w instability.

I had one of those notifications that my link's HTML was wrong and was being automatically corrected - fine, but got the stooopid can't send due to usage limitations error afterwards and it wouldn't clear.


I then opened a new instance of the PM's section in a new browser tab, closed that, and went back to the PM composing tab and tried again - message was sent with no further problem.


So... just more rubbish s/w.


Re: Another Community software problem!

In case not noticed yet, here's another one for passing on to management - the filters to stop Multichoice Africa subscribers from registering here is not working very well, if at all.


We don't mind helping, but on the whole they can't be helped much here and not controlling it could lead to a huge flood and much confusion.


Another reason to drop the Lithium software. How many more do you need MC??


Re: Another Community software problem!

Totally OT (maybe not) ... but has anyone popped over to the MyBB forums today and seen their new look ? Killing my eyes... 

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Re: Another Community software problem!

@ltshizane_DStv1, given how much is wrong here there's a far easier solution - Management can decide to give this community back the last forum and its Bulletin Board software. Even without the archives it would be planets ahead of what we have here and wouldn't result in any handicaps re the practical needs.


As for the desire to supply rewards and have behaviour experts present, should all be possible given the HUGE worldwide support for Bulletin Board software, much of it free, and the ease with which experts could just as easily be present there.


Hopefully this heads-up will be checked as well ;-)