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Broken promises again


Re: Broken promises again

Hi Service. Apologies for the frustration caused to you in this regard. Please private message us your DStv account details, including your ID number and contact number. We'll look into the matter and assist as best as we can. 

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Broken promises again

I got an email with an offer to upgrade to Compact. Put in my details for a call back. Indeed was called back the very following day. Only problem, the condition was that I switch my current payment method which I requested that I think about it overnight. The consultant promised to call back the following day, which never happened. Three days later, I requested a call back, still nothing happened. Its been two and a half weeks now no call back. Why is it such a problem to call me back when all I want to do is accept your offer? Sadly enough, when I called N1 City, they said they can't see the offer on my profile and 'claimed' me forwarding the email won't help if the offer is not on my profile.