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Childish awards CAN be removed

Red Carpet

Re: Childish awards CAN be removed

Love this! Good detective work B.

There you are MC, keep us old timers happy, deactivate all this "gamification" (what a stoopid word) rubbish (badges, rewards etc) for us and give us access to the functionality we need to contribute properly.

Ease of access to post pictures, the knowledge base activated and most imprtant, FREE of this incredibly irritating spam flood control settings.



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Re: Childish awards CAN be removed

BTW, kudos are the least of my concerns in these regards as they're at least usually Forumite generated.

What gets me with that subject is sites that also offer a thumbs-down button for public contributors' posts. That's just encouraging ugly peer pressure.



@MC  - I'm not going to bother nagging about this thread, will just state that a reply and action is expected, and continuing to not do so would just show your unwillingness to work enough with your public.

TIA for anything of positive value to us.


Childish awards CAN be removed

MC, here's a discussion from the Lithium forums.

Please consider this an official request from me to have this nonsense removed.

Anyone else?...


From: https://lithosphere.lithium.com/t5/Li-Discussions/User-who-doesnt-want-badges-and-kudos/m-p/490753#M...

User who doesnt want badges and kudos
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We have users of the "old school" and they dont like the badges and ranking they get in  the Community. Is there any possbility at all to turn this function off for some of our users? Anyone know?





We had a similar situation - with a very important member.

Eventually we set up a specific rank with the same title as an existing rank, and allocated it to that member - no progression, no ranking gamification.

Best thing I can suggest would be to set the No Gamification rank to be role-based,

With badges, you can then set a role to "view badges".

Hopefully then if you have any other old-schoolers for whom gamification is a deal breaker, then you can just assign this role in the future.