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False views-count

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: False views-count

Might be on to something there @Optimist, let us investigate this issue further.


Re: False views-count

@krugie wrote:

...but I wouldn't put it past the software we have.

That's for sure!

For instance here's another oddity that makes no sense, in the opposite direction...


False readers count - another factor.jpg

Red Carpet

Re: False views-count

Is it possible that each user is only ever counted once - no matter how many times they view? It would be totally non-sensible but I wouldn't put it past the software we have.


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Re: False views-count

An hour and a half later, two more posts added to that thread, at least 4 more views involved that I'm certain of, and... the same total as earlier.


False readers count - part 2.jpg


Need an answer please MC.


False views-count

(If you can't see the pic, open the attachment on the right.)


I've brought this up before, time to offer some proof.

In this example, it's one of the longest threads on this forum with 97 replies, yet it's claimed that the thread has only been read 167 times! :-/



False readers count.jpg


That even though there's at least 4 regular contributors to the thread, which means 97 x 4... which would equate to roughly a minimum of 388 views!


It's a bit of a boring subject, and involves our tedious workings through the related issues, but it's got some interest and anyway nothing explains so few views, nothing at all. Not even the suspicion that those not logged on don't add to the count.


I want an answer this time MC. I'm not saying you're doing this, but there's so much wrong with the software that it's hard to know anything with certainty, and let's face it, you've clearly been dishonest in the past on your forums.